The Car Tech (Technical Notes and Calculations) in English
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The Car Tech (Technical Notes and Calculations) in English

The Car Tech (Technical Notes and Calculations) in English


             - Do it yourself (DIY):

o   Electic System

o   Lighting System

Automotive Engineering:

                 - Basics:

o   International system of units

o   Automotive physical quantities

- Automotive Engineering Concept:

o    Intoduction to Automotive Engineering 7/21/2013

O   Automotive engineering branches

o      Car Dimensions and definitions

O   Vehicles Weights

            - Car Power Units & Transmissions:

o   Vehicle power units (propulsion systems)

o   Engine Types and Classifications & Driving Arrangements (Types of Drive)

o   Engine types and positions & characteristic performance curves

Automotive Clutch

O   Gearbox (Transmisssion) ratios and Efficiencies

Transmission Worked Examples 21/7/2013

- Transmission Types:

                  O  Types of Transmission

                  O  Manual Transmission & Additional gear units

                  O Types of Gears 27/6/2013

                  O  Automatic Transmission & Epicycle gearing

                 O   Propeller and drive shafts, Final drive and deferential, axles and tires

- Car Performance:

o Road load

O   The Car Center of Gravity/Mass (CG) 10/5/2013

o Tractive effort and tractive resistance, car max speed, gearbox ratios, final drive ratio, maximum gradient and acceleration

o Inclined road forces

 Automotive aerodynamic expermintal techniques

o Car performance formulas

 Finding the gearbox ratios, final drive ratio and transmission efficiencies (Updated 3/5/2013)

O   Setting the Gearbox and Final Drive Ratios 21/7/2013

o Engine formulas

 Maximum gradient PDF

o  Vehicle Charactristics (dimensions, axle weight, transferred weight, acceleration and gradient))

- Brake System:

o  Brake System Components

 Brake Performance

o   Air brake service system

o   Heavy-duty vehicle air brake system

o   Air brakes system components

Stopping distances for cars

o   Tractor/semi-trailer vehicle wheels lock up

Braking Performance  PDF

Brake References 

- Steering System:>

o   Steering system

o   Stability

 Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC)

o   Handling characteristics of road vehicles

o   Alignment angles

o   Active steering

History of car steering and suspension

- Suspension System

o   Introduction to suspension system

Glossary of Suspension Terminology (20/7/2013)

Roll Cente

- Wheels and Tires

o   Wheels and Tires Terminology  (7/7/2013)

Internal Combustion Engines:

o Engine Parameters  (PowerPoint)

O  Engine Formulas

o Internal Combustion Engines (PDF)

o   Internal Combustion Engines

Engine Calculations

Engine Types and Clssifications

O  Engine Types and Constructions

How the Engine Works

o   Engine Position

o   Combustion and Fuel Chemistry

O  Engine Design and Components

Engines Comparison

Engines Characteristics

O  Engine Testing

 Emission Control   2/5/2014

Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Alternative Fuels PDF

Fuels Calorific Values

O  Combustion Chamber Types

Spark-Ignition Engines Emission Control

O  Thermal Cycles

Air Standard Efficiency PDF

Introduction to Thermodyanamics   PDF

Mechanics of Materials:

o   Design Basic Concepts

Table of Stresses

Tensile Test Curve (stress-strain curve) (updated 1/7/2013)

Principal Stresses

Endurance Limit


Area of Regular Shapes

o   Centroids of Regular-Shaped Areas

o   Centroids and Moments of Areas of Regular-Shaped Areas

Materials Technology

Engineering Materials

Table of Mechanical Properities of Solid Materials

Materials Chart

Machine Elements Design:

o   Machine Elements Design

Machine Elements Types

O   SI Units and Symbols

Introduction to Machine Elements Design

o   Design Scope

o   Design Consideration

O  Springs

Compression Coil (Helecal) Spring Design

O   Compression Coil (Helecal) Spring Design Calculator (1/7/2013)

Compression Coil Spring Natural Frequency

Spring Wire Diameter and Materil

Leaf Spring and Torsion Bar Designn

Spring Porporties

O   Shafts (1/7/2013)

O  Bearing Selection

O  Keys and Splines

Bolt head/Rrench size Table

O   Gear Types

O  Rivets:

          - Types Rivets

          - Riveted Joint Design

          - Riveted Joint efficiency

         -  Preventing Electrolysis

Automotive Design:

o   Auto Clutches

Automobile Clutches

Automobile Clutche construction

Disc Clutch Design

Disc Clutch Design Assumption

Disc Clutch Design Report

Automobile Suspensions

o Suspension Formulas

o   Axle Shaft Design

Axle Shaft Design Report

Vehicle Transmission and Wheel Bearings


o   Definition of Physical Quantities

o   Physical Quantities (PowerPoint)

o   System of Units

O  International System of Units (SI Units)

oMechanics-1, Mechancis-2, Mechanics-3, Mechanics-4 PDF

Automotive Research:

o New Concept to Improve Technical Education

oo   Preventive Maintenance Implementation Based on Cost Analysis


Units Converter

The e-Exercise

Automotive Web Sites

Auto Glossary

Auto Links

Auto Tables

Auto Books and Magazines

Excel Applications

Powerpoint Applications


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