Mechanical Engineering Department

“Automotive Technology”
{Academic Year 1427-1428, 2nd Semester}



Course Title: Automotive Engineering II

Credit hrs: 4, (2-2-0)

Prerequisite: ATE 421, Math 2

Course Teacher: Dr. Kassem Mourad (Office 15-S-30)

Class Schedule: Tues. 5-6 (15-G-18), Wend. 4-5 (15-G-18)

Office hrs: Sun. 4, Tues. 3-4


Course Objective:

1.      To present the fundamentals of vehicle handling characteristics.

2.      To illustrate the vehicle steady state stability conditions.

3.      To present the performance index of the vehicle suspension systems.

4.      To illustrate the vehicle accident analysis.



  1. Handling Characteristics of Road Vehicle.

Steering geometry, Steering system forces and moments, Steady state handling characteristics, Steady state responses to steering input, and Directional stability.

  1. Ride Characteristics of Road Vehicle.

Human responses to vibration, Excitation sources, Suspension geometry, Vehicle response, and Vehicle ride models.

  1. Rollover and Stability.

Rollover of a rigid vehicle, Rollover of a suspended vehicle.

  1. Accident Analysis.




- Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics, Thomas D. Gillespie, Society of Automotive Engineering, Inc.



- Theory of Ground Vehicles, Wong, JY. J. Wiley, N.Y. 1993 2nd ed.




Grade Distribution:

                                                Attendance                   6 points

                                                Homework                   8 points

                                                Participation                 6 points

                                                Mid term exam I           15 points

                                                Mid term exam II          15 points


                                                Class work                   50 points                                 

                                                Final exam                    50 points


* Total of 100 points (60 points needed to pass the course).




General rules





·    The student will be considered absent in a class after the teacher finishes taking the students attendance.

·    The student will not be allowed to come into class after 20 minutes pass from the beginning of the class.

·    In case the student is absent three classes without official excuse he will not be permitted to attend the final exam.

·    The student will be considered absent with excuse in case he brings an official excuse from the college administration.

·    There will be two points’ deduction for each absence without permission.

·    The student attendance should be in accordance with the college dress code.



Homework and homework report:


The homework and homework report should follow the following instructions and rules:

·    The homework report should be written on one face of A4 papers.

·    The homework should be handwritten in pencil and the use of a computer will not be allowed unless otherwise stated.

·    The exercise number and heading should be written before the answer.

·    When writing the answer you should start by writing the formula used firs followed by your answer.

·    The units used should be included in the final answer.

·    The homework should have a cover having all the information needed and the report should be stapled.

·    The homework should be handed in the beginning of the class on the assigned date.


·    The homework that does not follow these rules will not be taken into consideration.



The mid term exams:


·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams without official excuse (permit), he will not have another exam and his grade in this exam will be null.

·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams with official excuse, the teacher of the course will take what he sees fit to evaluate the student.

·    In case the student gets a low grade in the mid term exam, he will not have another chance or a make-up exam.

·    The student should bring all the necessary tools needed for the exam (calculator, pencil, ….etc.)