Exam. 2-A

Automotive Engineering II

1st semester 1428-1429

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 1) A- Define the following:

a- Weight transferred for a vehicle on a curved path:






B- Complete the following table:


Draw the angle and
show if it is (+ve or -ve )

The effect of this angle on the wheel alignment

Comber angle





King pin inclination






Toe out






C- i- What is ment by the car is oversteered?





ii- What are the factors that make the car oversteer?






2) A passenger car has a weight of 16 kN. The weight distribution on the front axle is 42% and that on the rear axle is 58% under static conditions. If the cornering stiffness of each of the front tires is 36 kN/rad and that of the rear tires is 37 kN/rad.

i- Find the under steer coefficient of the vehicle?










ii- Determine the condtion of steer for the car? And the effect on the steering angle.



3) i- Draw the free Body diagram (FBD) of the car

ii- the condition for car sliding













iii- the condition for car overturning