Automotive Engineering II

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1- A) Complete the following table:






Brake Fade






Wheel Slip






Transferred weight





B) Complete the following table:


The common between them

The difference between them

Mechanical advantage &

Hydraulic advantage








C) Explain what are meant by:

i- ROH



ii- Booster characteristics



iii- the car track



2- A) Deduce the maximum acceleration the car can attain on a level road for a RWD car.







B) What are the parts of the TCS, and explain the function of each part.



3- A RWD truck weight 20000 N, its center of gravity located 2.4 m in front of the rear axle and 1.0 m above the ground. The truck wheel base is 3.2 m. The truck is moving with a constant velocity of 108 km/h.

a) Find the truck kinetic Energy.




b) The Rear axles reaction (Rr).





c) The transferred weight if the truck accelerated with acceleration of 2.8 m/s2 on a level road.





d) the total truck stopping distance if the (time for driver reaction and applying the brake is 1 s) and the truck deceleration is 4.5 m/s2.






e) Draw the FBD of the truck when it is going up

a gradient with an angle q, with an acceleration a.





f) Find the new center of gravity CG if the truck is caring a load of 4000 N. where the CG of the load is above the rear axle.