Automotive Engineering II

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1- A) Complete the following table:






Brake Fade






B) Explain what is meant by:

i- Car kinetic energy (KE)



ii- Car wheel base (WB)



iii- Brake mechanical advantage (MA)



C) What are the functions of the following?

i- The primary cup of the master cylinder.





ii- The control valve of the vacuum booster





D) In a brake hydraulic system the hydraulic pressure was found to be 10 MPa, the area of master cylinder is 500 mm2, and the wheel cylinder is 400 mm2. The drum brake factor is 2.2, and the drum radius is 0.12 m. Find
i- The hydraulic advantage (HA) of the brake.





ii- The brake torque (Tw).





2- A RWD truck weight (W) 20000 N, its center of gravity CG located 2.2 m behind the front axle and 1.0 m above the ground. The truck wheel base is 3.6 m. When the brake is applied the truck deceleration is found to be 2 m/s2. Find:




a) The Rear axle’s static reaction (Rr).







b) The transferred weight (Wt)








c) If the coefficient of adhesion between tires and road (f) is 0.5, what is the maximum braking force on the rear axle before the rear wheels lock?  








d) Draw the FBD of the truck when it is going down

a gradient with an angle (q), with a deceleration (a)