Automotive Engineering II Exam. 2

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1- A) Define the following عرف التالي:


i- Yaw motion



ii- Track circle diameter (Ds)



iii- King pin inclination (KPI, SAI)



iv- Steering ratio




B) Traction Control System (TCS, ASR):

What is it?




How it works?




Parts (components)





C) Caster angle:

What is it?




Its function:




The problems if not correctly adjusted



D) What are the factors that lead to car under steer?


2) Find the inner angle of steering front wheel (di), if the car track (t) is 1.80 m, and the car wheel base (b) is 3.2 m, the outer steering angle (do) = 18o. Where: cot do cot di = t/b








3) A passenger car has a weight (w) of 20 kN, and a wheel base (b) of 3.2 m. The weight distribution on the front axle is 60% and that on the rear axle is 40% under static conditions. If the cornering


stiffness of each of the front tires (Ca f) is 37 kN/rad and that of the rear tires (Ca r ) is 36 kN/rad. Where the steer angle is



i) Find the under steer coefficient (Kus). Dose the car have (neutral, under, over steer)?






ii) Find the steer angle (d) if the car has neutral steer, when it is negotiating a curve (R) of 24 m, at a velocity (v) of 72 km/h.







4) A car has a weight (w) N, and a wheel base (b) m, the CG is (x) m behind the front axel and (y) m in front of the rear axle, and (h) m above ground. Find:









i) Front wheel reaction (Rf)





ii) the transferred weight (wt) due to acceleration (a), and the front wheel force (Ff).






iii) the maximum acceleration if the car is FWD, and the adhesion coefficient is (m).