Automotive Engineering II

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1- A) Complete the following table:





Wheel lockup




Transferred weight




B) Explain what is meant by:

i- Brake factor (BF)




ii- Brake hydraulic advantage (HA)




iii- The car track (t)




C) What are the functions of the following?

i- Piston seal of disc brake





ii- Compensation port in the master cylinder




D) When the brake pedal push rod force (Fc) is 1500 N, the booster push rod applied (Fm) 2500 N to the master cylinder, Find:

i- The booster force (Fb), and booster characteristics (B)





ii The wheel cylinder pressure (p), if the wheel cylinder area (Aw) is 1200 mm2, and master cylinder area (Am) is 500 mm2.




3- A RWD truck weight (W) 20,000 N, its center of gravity located 2.4 m in front of the rear axle (x2) and 1.0 m above the ground (h). The truck wheel base is 3.2 m. The truck is moving with a constant velocity of 108 km/h. Find:

a) The truck kinetic Energy (KE).






b) The Front axles reaction (Rf).







c) The total braking force Fb, if the brake causes the truck to decelerate by (a) 2 m/s2.







d) Find the new center of gravity CG if the truck is carrying a load of 3,000 N. where the CG of the load is above the rear axle.











e) Draw the FBD of the truck when it is going up

a gradient with an angle (q), with an acceleration (a).