Best 50 Inventions of 2010
No. 20

السيارة الكهربائية أنترو

Antro Electric Car



The car of the future, now coming from: Hungary. Yes, it sounds like communist propaganda circa 1967, but the Hungarian designer Antro might just have made a superefficient, supercheap car that could put Western manufacturers to shame. The Antro Solo can hold up to three people a driver and two passengers, one on either side who pedal to help drive the ultralight car. The rest of the forward motion comes from an electric motor that's partly powered by solar panels. If you need a bigger car, Antro has a solution: two Solos can be combined, Transformers-style, to create the family-friendly Duo. Look for it in 2012.



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-          Do you want to help save the world, and get exercise at the same time? Antro Electric car is basically a miniature car with three seats on the inside of the car. It has solar panels on the top of the car and the solar panels charge the battery so the battery will always be charged. This invention works by the two passengers that pedal  to help drive the ultralight car. The rest of the forward motion comes from an electric motor that's partly powered by solar panels.Ge'za  Hivessy is the managing director of the Nonprofit organization Antro Group. He is the main person that came up with the idea to build the Antro Electric Car. This invention was created in Hungry, Europe. It took seven years to create the concept. They're main supporter is Pannon Novum Regional Innovation Agency. This invention is different because it runs on electricity, and it only has three seats. You pedal to help drive the ultralight car. It is also very light weight. This will help with pollution around the world. This invention is better then our cars because it is more environmentally friendly and more affordable. This is not out until 2012, when it comes out it will cost around 18,000 to 20,000 dollars to purchase.


-          A Hungarian company called Antro is developing an electric car that can split into two separate smaller cars, and it intends to have the cars on sale by 2012.
The Antro Solo is a three passenger car, and it features a hybrid drive and solar cells located on its roof, which according to Antro will generate enough electricity for the car to cover 20km per day.
What makes this electric car unique is that it can connect to another Antro Solo car to form one vehicle which is capable of carrying six passengers, thus making it more energy efficient for the six people to travel in one vehicle.